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About Us

Musaida LLC is a company ready to meet your property maintenance needs in Dubai with customer service, reliability and trust at the heart of its business model. We offer a full range of on-call maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for all types of properties including residential, retail units, warehouses, buildings and offices. Musaida allows you to enjoy quality repairs and maintenance services through our Annual Maintenance plans. As you can see we offer an extensive array of services. Musaida LLC can be your one stop shop for all your property maintenance our vision is to consistently deliver a quality, professional, ethical and value for money service to our customers. Musaida LLC is the solution for all your household chores; no matter how small, it's always: On time.

The service is delivered throughout the year by scheduled quarterly visits that are designed to deal with seasonal issues as they occur. After performing a thorough home maintenance assessment, a customized maintenance plan will be designed for your home. Your home’s maintenance plan will be delivered by our well trained technicians who are polite, professional, trustworthy, and thoroughly screened to ensure your safety and security. Musaida LLC Maintenance Plan will continuously maintain your home by delivering preventive maintenance services, proactively identifying and dealing with problems, creating repair plans, and providing referrals to pre-screened professional contractors as required for larger repairs.


As a Musaida LLC customer you should expect a home that is safer, healthier, more efficient to operate, and where everything works as designed. You will also lower your Total Cost of Home Ownership by:

reducing energy consumption and utility bills

maximizing the life of your home’s components, equipment, and systems

eliminating preventable failures and repairs

avoiding damages and repair consequences of equipment or system failures

lowering overall repair costs

Musaida service will protect your significant investment in your home, maximize your home’s resale value, and minimize home inspection issues when it comes time to sell. Your home will never look more beautiful or operate better than when maintained by Musaida LLC Maintenance Services. we look forward to provide you our best services and ensuring you complete "Peace of Mind".

Contact us on our Toll-free Number on 800(Musaida)6872432.

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