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About Us

Air Flow is a leading professional group providing all the latest support & services for HVAC Systems. From high rise buildings for residential to commercial, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals (cleaning room designing for Operation Theaters), industries like pharmaceuticals, dairy, textiles, paint industries etc. and services for marine, oil & gas sector. We are committed to provide our customers a satisfactory professional services with keeping in all the latest standards for ASHRAE, CIBSE, BSRIA, NEBB with our highly qualified staff having all the knowledge of all the above standards.

Your Green Partners for HVAC Industry....


Providing complete professional services for HVAC Industry.

1. HVAC Technical Advising and designing services. (Services)

2. Complete HVAC Supply, Installation & Maintenance. (Services)

3. Specialize Third Party for HVAC Testing & Commissioning.(Air Balancing & Water Balancing) (Services)

4. Sound Level Measurements in Noise Criteria (NC) (Services)

5. King Sun Cooling Towers from Taiwan & China (Suppliers)

6. UV Lights (Ultra Voilet) for AHU's Coil Cleaning. from USA. (Suppliers)

7. Valves & Accessories from Herz (Austria) (Suppliers)

8. Air & Water Measuring Instruments from UK & USA.(anemometers, manometers, vane anemometers, air flow hoods, etc.) (Suppliers)

9. Hybrid Coolers from Switzerland. (Suppliers)

10. HVAC Equipment’s like Chillers, Fresh Air Handling Units, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, Exhaust & Ventilation Fans etc. from Italy. (Suppliers)

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