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About Us

Smart opticals, founded in 1995, is one of the most reputed and reconganised optical retailer in UAE. Initially it was started in sharjah, the cultural capital

of UAE. Appreciated by the customers, with good customer-relationship and friendly dealing,the group was expanded its service. With 4 showrooms in UAE and 2 showrooms in cochin,kerala India. Awarded with ISO 9001:2008 status for various eye care excellence.

Smart opticals offers professional service in optical requirements of the customers. Professionally qualified optometrists and experienced optical technicians are working with all our outlets. The staff working with us is very well qualified and experienced, which makes them comfortable with all customers irrespective of their linguistic difference. They are very friendly and consious about tastes of different types of customers.


Unbeatable price and quality products with friendly dealing with customers are the main speaciality of Smart opticals which is a main reason for our anxious progress and sucess in the field of optical business.

By the grace of GOD and by the inspiration from the experience we have, we still look forward to develop itself and hope to extend its service for more people and more places


Smart opticals showrooms features modern refraction clinic offering the latest equipments. Eyetesting is done by qualified optometrist using autorefractometer , phoropther & slit lamp. Optometrists are well experiensed and their qualification is approved by the ministry of health of U.A.E. They held license to practise as same. All types of lens dispense works are performed by efficient contact lense specialist in all branches of smart opticals.Though the customers need economic price for their requirments we are strict to keep the quality and reliability of the products. Most of our showrooms are equipped with state of art lab capable of fixing almost all prescription lenses with in one day ( availability of stock ). If customers requires any delivery help smart opticals delivers for them.

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