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About Us

Osool A Finance Company is a private joint stock company and is the wholly owned subsidiary of MashreqBank psc.

Osool is one of the leading finance companies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with total assets and shareholders' equity as at 31st December, 2007, of AED 1,795 million and AED 468 million respectively, making it the largest private finance company in the UAE.

It is the oldest finance Company in the country having originally been established as Oman Finance Company in 1975 in Dubai. The company is engaged principally in general financing, providing Factoring Services, Fleet Finance, Rent-a-Car Finance, Car Dealer Finance & Commercial Vehicle / Equipment Finance & operates from its corporate office in Dubai with a branch network all over UAE.



To offer our customers the most rewarding relationships, financially and personally.

By releasing the potential of our people

So creating growth and value for our shareholders

At Osool we believe that it is vision, leadership and a single minded devotion to clear goals which sets us apart. We have built an organizational culture based on fundamental values and developed a common Vision, Mission and Goals.

It is our determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of our mission and goals - a commitment to excellence - that enables us to succeed. The spirit, the drive to be the best finance company for our customers, are the things that endure.


Management philosophy can be summarized as follows:

Customer Focus and Service excellence are the primary business drivers.

Business is customer relationship driven rather than transaction driven.

Focus on Line of Business, Product and Customer profitability as against branch profitability.

Economic Profit rather than Accounting profit is the key performance indicator.

Centralization of operational processes and integration of common processes across businesses to gain economies of scale and efficiencies.

Use of state of the art technology to automate processes and improve efficiency.

Periodic review and process re-engineering to reduce duplication and hand-offs.

Outsourcing of all non-core activities and focus on business.

Future Plans

The Osool long-term Vision and its 3-year Mission describes its overall aspiration and represent the expectations of all the stakeholders. Tangible goals are set to realise the Mission. These goals are backed by 3 year Strategic Plans formulated through a very structured process taking into account extensive information through internal and external environmental analysis, market/industry studies conducted by professional agencies, competitor analysis, market share trends, identification of opportunities and threats, historical/current/future trends, customer feedback, infrastructure capabilities evaluation, and Strategic Option evaluation and internal expertise and market knowledge. Osool also follows a robust Annual Planning, monitoring and evaluation process.

Osool A Finance Company houses expertise in the areas of Strategic Planning, Quality and Process Management. Requisite skills needed for strategic thinking are fostered within the organisation, with stress laid on professionals that have an acute business sense, strong technical knowledge and ability to move with the constantly changing market. The planning process is managed by a dedicated team in each major area of the organisation. On the technology front, the planning and decision making process is supported by a fully automated planning System. Whenever deemed necessary, internationally renowned strategy consultants are used to facilitate the strategic planning process. This helps Osool to benchmark its processes with currently relevant best practices.

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