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About Us

Intelsity or Intelligent Sity is an online marketplace that connects customers to trusted IntelsityPro's (Services Providers) efficiently in transparent and convenient way. Intelsity wants to make life easier and happier for both, customers and IntelsityPro's. We are Empowering customers to choose the right IntelsityPro's and we are empowering IntelsityPro's to find strong leads.

Tell us what you need and we will provide you with quotes from several IntelsityPro's allowing you to compare prices, read reviews and hire the right IntelsityPro wherever you are.

No more needless searches through the yellow pages, classifieds, newspapers, or internet and numerous phone call to figure out the right service provide who can effectively do the job at an acceptable time, quality and price


Intelsity helps anyone looking for any kind of software development, HR Solution, ERP Solution, CRM solution to connect with the right vendors in the market

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To be safe, transact with people face to face. Don't send your financial information or wire money in advance. holds no liability, including financial responsibility for damages incurred when transacting online. Report any scam here.