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On the road to the city of Dibba al Fujairah, 35 km to the north of the city of Fujairah is where Al Bidya Mosque is located, known by its distinctive architectural structure and is also named in some cases, the Othmanian Mosque. Al Bidya Mosque is characterized by its small area size and the manner of implementation in its construction and the architectural and structural component in roofing, where no timber was used to raise the roof, but depends on the column in the middle.


This column holds the four domes of the Mosque in a wonderful architectural system where every dome is made up of three domes placed on top of each other. The large dome first, then the smaller dome, and a third with a tiny head. These domes are neighboring each other, located not far from each other. The Mosque features carvings that is architectural in nature and has a niche and a small platform and has internal openings for ventilvations and shelves. This Mosque is the oldest Mosque in the United Arab Emirates. It was built using purely local materials from large and small stones and burnt clay as solder substance for the building.

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