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About Us

Raise from the provinces of “Ala Eh” (Batangas) and “Ga” (Quezon), we proudly introduce to you the famous cuisines from the two provinces at Benny’s Café and Restaurant.

Benny’s Café and Restaurant started from a great man, a father, a friend, a food lover and a chef, who dreams to put up a simple family owned Carinderia (restaurant) at his own backyard with great, homey and friendly warm ambience.

Food really runs to our family, when me and brother Dex were still kids, every occasions; Fiestas , Birthdays and even anniversaries, our house were jam-packed of bisitas (visitors) awaiting to taste my dad’s specialities: special Pancit Bihon, Pancit Chami, Pancit Habhab and his delicious dishes such as Beef Calderetta, Embutidos, Lengua, Bistek Tagalog , Tapang Lukban and Bulalo. My mom and my aunties were busy with their own specialities “ Loming Batangas", Kare kare, Estofado, Ginataang Sinaing na Tulingan, Bulanglang and for dessert; crèamy and delicious leche flan, Buko Paandan, Chicken Macaroni Salad and the famous Fruit Salad and not to mentioned my Lolo Emo's famous Kapeng Barako and Hot Tsukolate (Chocolate) made of homemade tablia (Kakao).

My dad’s dream came to reality here in the Dubai, United Arab Emirates, however before it happened my dad passed away, saddest moment of our life but it make us strong and more determine to pursue and continue his dream, we know that he is happy for us, with my brother Chef Dex (whom my dad passes all his cooking talent and secrets) and our hardworking team will continue to pursue Mang Benny’s dream.

Now “Benny’s Café and Restaurant” are open to serve freshly cooked authentic Filipino Dishes from all part of Philippines.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide not just the best but real authentic Filipino Food and Service, owned and managed by Filipinos (Proudly Filipinos)

Aiming to be one of the best in the Filipino/Asian Food Industry here in United Arab Emirates and soon in GCC Regions.

Shops that are accessible, available and adhere to strict UAE standard of cleanliness, quality and great food at very reasonable price.

Our Mission

Our Missions are to provide:

Quality customer service, value for money and great food that adhere to the strict UAE standard of cleanliness.

Create opportunities and employment to Filipinos here in UAE and improve the quality of life of its employees (Work balance).

Establish and maintain good relationships with our business partners and suppliers.

Venues for Filipinos to enjoy get-together and gathering (Tambayan).

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