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About Us

The Driver has years of experience in providing an innovative and unique chauffeur service to the UAE public. With Dubai's existing and expanding number of bars and restaurants and the fact that most of us drive to nearly every place we go to, The Driver felt that a dynamic and unique transport service was required, whereby you call us when you need a designated driver! We are registered with Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to outsource Drivers to customers and transport them to their destinations in the safety of their own cars.


Safe and convenient.
Smooth and hassle-free journey.
Not risk the safety of self, passengers and others on the road.
Not risk being caught DUI, imprisoned and deported.

We provide chauffeur services for personal use to valet parking services. The Driver has the infrastructure and resources to provide the following services:

• Personal Use • Crew and staff transportation
• Corporate Use • Valet parking services
• Events • Chauffeur outsourcing

Call our 24/7 call centre on 800 TD1 (831) and we will be happy to tailor the perfect package for you.


Most drivers have often faced a similar situation - to drive after a good time with friends or you need to spend time in the car to spend for work or important negotiations. However, this is how you try your luck and are at great risk. In order not to use taxi services, but to stay with your car, use the services of our company The Driver to hire a driver in Dubai.

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