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About Us

Tanmiyat Investment Group, an investment and real estate development firm based in Saudi Arabia, boasts an impressive portfolio of groundbreaking projects. Established less than three decades ago, Tanmiyat's prominence in the regional real estate arena has grown exponentially, with the development of its investment programs and successful launches of massive projects.

Now one of the foremost names in real estate development in the Middle East, the Group has established joint ventures and projects across the wider region, covering Saudi Arabia, the UAE. Jordan, Turkey and Sudan and continues its progress and expansion with the aim of securing the leading position in the industry in the Middle East and beyond.


Tanmiyat is an investment oasis, specializing in large-scale real estate development schemes. With an existing portfolio that includes a variety of state of the art projects spread throughout the Middle East, Tanmiyat intends on extending its operations into several countries, with the objective of becoming the leading real estate investment and development firm within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

Faithfully adhering to its mission, Tanmiyat has gained an impressive reputation in the real estate arena as one of the leading developers of distinguished properties. Such success has only been made possible with the efforts and dedicated leadership of a traditional yet innovative management team, who shares a common value for excellence in institutional planning.

Each of Tanmiyat's projects is comprehensive, with mosques, gardens, residential parks, walkways, wide roads, schools, markets and other public facilities. Careful attention is paid not only to the layout, but to every detail, guaranteeing aesthetic perfection, accessibility and functionality, and ensuring the satisfaction of its residents, by providing them with fully-facilitated, modern neighborhoods, homes, and environments.

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