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About Us

Sofia Refrigeration has been providing high-quality kitchen and catering equipment to the hospitality and food industry for over thirty years.

We have offered our services to hotels, restaurants, butcheries, bakeries and supermarkets in the wider United Arab Emirates, Gulf region and Asia.

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At Sofia Refrigeration, our professional and experienced team are committed to making customer satisfaction a priority, and we strive to develop long-lasting relationships of service with our clients.

We offer customized, end-to-end consultation services for simple to complex projects. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an affordable solution for your commercial kitchen, that meets your individual budget, space availability and equipment needs. We can be involved from project inception to the handover stage - guiding you through the use of your new equipment.


Our business is in your kitchen and here's what we do:


The planning phase is crucial to deciding the ultimate success of a project. Regardless of size, the design of every commercial kitchen needs to achieve a balanced work space, ensuring maximum efficiency and safety, while keeping wastage of labour, energy and materials to a minimum. Our experienced designers will guide you through the planning process and ensure that the design and equipment selection results in an efficient work space, and is the most cost-effective solution.


After the plan is finalized, we will begin sourcing all materials from local or international suppliers as required. Once all equipment is arranged and delivered, our highly skilled technicians and engineers will take care of the installation process. When all equipment is working and your kitchen is ready to use, the installation process is complete.

After Sales Service & Maintenance


Sofia Refrigeration periodically make onsite visits to gain customer feedback and confirm all equipment is functioning. We offer short and long-term maintenance contracts to ensure longevity of your new equipment, and will make adjustments as needed – this could include acquiring additional equipment as the kitchen becomes bigger, or attending to general wear and tear issues. Our contracts vary and can include weekly, monthly, quarterly or on-call check-ups.

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