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About Us

Herbarium Divine is the distinctive story about the balance of matter, the condition so unique like the nature itself.

And it is precisely the balance of matter that Herbarium Divine contributes to your skin. Herbarium Divine bestows a balance of natural ingredients, nutrients and active elements, which provide the intensive nourishment, well-being and protection of the skin.

The composition of Herbarium Divine is defined and formulated by four cardinal postulates: natural origin, established traditional expertise, contemporary biological & medical recognition and ecological sustainability.

Herbarium Divine Laboratories, niche luxury subsidiary of Milla cosmetics, underwrite collections that are unique in their quality, intensity and opulence yet balanced in the unique fusion with Herbarium Divine four cardinal postulates.

All Herbarium Divine products are:
Allergen Free / Sulfate Free / Paraben Free / PEG Free / Phthalates Free / Formaldehyde Free / Dyes Free / Alcohol Free / Oxybenzone Free / Gluten Free / Vegan / Animal Friendly

Baby collection by Herbarium Divine is the pinnacle of artisanship by Herbarium Divine Laboratories, the unique dermatology & cosmetology craftsmanship bestowed upon the delicate baby’s skin. The premium collection of products, free of any harmful or potentially harmful chemicals and additives and synthetic agent. The artisanal fusion of purity& safety integrated with the efficient formulation for the daily care of your infants, starting from the first day “journey” till the preschool time.

Herbarium divine is the exceptional product line of baby toiletries. Exceptional in its artisanal & traditional galen production, preparations that were named after the ancient Greece physician Galenus. Artisanal since the production is based on small batches, produced in pharmaceutical laboratories, using traditional prescriptions, encompassed with modern pharmaceutical solutions, free of chemicals or synthetic derivatives.

Our baby line presents the time when a pharmacy was the place of healing and not the trading spot, when pharmacies smelt on ether and not Ethereum. There is nothing crypto nor artificial in our products.


Roshan international general trading llc is the exclusive distributor for Herbarium Divine Laboratories for MENA Region

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