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Everyone likes a perfect floor. Flooring is an important part of making your personal space more unique and beautiful. We are a flooring company in the UAE, delivering all flooring products and services. We deal with all types of flooring, like industrial flooring, hospital flooring, sports floor mats, outdoor flooring, and also home flooring and other domestic flooring. 

Rhino Floor is UAE based company providing a complete flooring solution with high quality and unique product and service

We are focused on quality and durability. Rhino floor provides different types of flooring materials.

Floor mats

Floor tile

PVC tile

Vinyl flooring 

Sports mat

Hospital mats

Gym floor mats etc.

These are the main products by Rhino Floor. If you are a person looking for quality and unique flooring products for your floor, we are here to give you the best for you. and we also have expertise in industrial floor mats, heavy duty tile, and hospital flooring. You can learn more by clicking on our link.

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