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The OXFORD Group of Companies started its operation in the year 1995 with its flagship venture, Oxford Aluminium & Glass works (OXFORD Metallic Construction Industries L.L.C as it is known today). Established with a commitment to satisfy the diversified demands of the prudent market, we were successful in swiftly understanding the requirements of our valued clients. The numerous skyscrapers crafted by us, today stand silently as testimonies to our success.

We are a good assembly of sound minds and competent hands with extensive training in our respective areas of expertise. We firmly believe that we must augment our personnel with the most modern machinery and implement modern manufacturing process in order to confirm to the stringent quality requirements of our clients.

Over the years, our strength has been building enduring relationship with our clients. Our teams of experts artistically design and scientifically consummate each project with the utmost care to maximize the value for our clients. We always have impressive fresh & unique products to offer and we have pioneered several innovations in the region.

Our Companies

Oxford Metallic Const Ind L.L.C,Shj

Oxford Metallic Const Ind L.L.C,UAQ

Explorer Aluminium And Glass

Al Wahda Metal Works L.L.C

Al Wahda Powder Coating L.L.C

Al Wahda Plastic Ind. L.L.C

Al Wahda Glass Tempering L.L.C

Oxford Double Glass LLC

Oxford Aluminium Nigeria

Group of Companies

Oxford Metallic Const. Ind. L.L.C

Sharjah, Dubai, Abu Dhabi & U.A.Q

Al Wahda Power Coating L.L.C

Al Wahda Glass Tempering L.L.C

Al Wahda Plastic Factory L.L.C

Oxford Detergent Industries L.L.C


Industry and Manufacturing in Umm Al Quwain

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