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About Us

Ofinity Health brings leading, cutting-edge and specialist expertise in people management and development. We provide the tools that enable our clients to effectively and efficiently manage their work-force, provide frameworks that support staff and together, strengthen competitive advantage and business success.

Ofinity was established as a HR Management Consultancy specialising in Healthcare. Our aim is to meet the ever increasing need in the UAE for expert Healthcare HR services in a country where enterprise is booming, red tape is in abundance, employment law is unclear coupled, with an increasing need for good people management practices and high calibre staff to create competitive advantage.

Ofinity prides itself on the in-depth knowledge of Healthcare HR & Recruitment, so that our clients focus on their core business services. We tailor our service to match the needs of our clients so they get effective, timely and pragmatic help, advice and support when they need it, at a price they can afford to pay.


Ofinity has worked with a number of clients from the healthcare sector. These include:


•Private Clinics


•Healthcare Training Institutes

•Health Insurers

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