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Commenced in July 2010 and thriving their way in the market from then, the organization has established their beginning stands in becoming one of the major suppliers of Oil & Energy products. Now the market has begun to appreciate their efforts in sourcing and supplying products in bulk and container base volumes. It was after their accomplishment in creating a tie up with an agent of NIPC (National Iranian Petroleum Company) who has a production capacity of 2.1 million tons of fuel supply a month, NOR was enabled to supply base oil and fuel oil in bulk quantities, and later to strengthen their reach in the market places, they again made a tie with a lubricant blending unit in Sajja, Sharjah.

Being a specialist in the area of Oil & Energy, we have unleashed our own brands in the market one of which is marketed & distributed by IMECO, a subsidiary of Liberty Motors & Al Yousef Motors. NOR understands the needs of their customers and gives them a tailor made solution for their needs, and grants them with specially formulated and derived to satisfy the requirement of their customers.

Emphasizing on expansion, the organization has attained a remarkable outlook in the past accomplishments in African and Indian markets. Now the organization has established functioning channels in Tanzania and India which is helping us explore markets more widely and execute operations more responsibly. The company is also planning to open branch offices in the above mentioned countries in near future. Immediate response and prompt execution to their customers requirement is one of the unique abilities the organization explicit.


Nor has acquired substantial experience in field of Oil & Energy, both on shore and off shore, Head office based in UAE; NOR has established its network in Tanzania and India. Emerging as a key player in arranging and supplying bulk cargos of Base oil and Fuel Oil from the most reliable sources and direct from refinery representation office with a assigned quota.

As a core business NOR has its highest demands and marvelous market share in Lubricants & Grease, with most sophisticated technology and formulations. We believe in customer satisfaction as a prize of our product quality and we ensure prompt supply and service anytime around the clock. Our customers have been the key to our success and will remain the same as our doorway to excellence. NOR is well none for their ability to source and provide traders and end users with bulk cargos around the world.

Our arrangements with our suppliers allow us to achieve superlative results and maximum efficiency in what we do. our expertise extends in knowledge and availability of the product, awareness of the market and services, contacts and sourcing of the products.

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