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About Us

It is named after tiny town in Spain with a population of less than two thousand, In 45BC, the Roman civil war, which had been raging between the forces of Pompei and those of Julius Caesar, was brought to an end in Caesar's favor at the Battle of Munda. The site of the Roman Spanish town of Munda is open to some doubt, but there are those, not least the inhabitants of Monda itself, who look at the similarity of names and declare that Munda and Monda are one and the same.

Monda is the operating name of Future Café & Restaurant, JLT license. the Company is registered & licensed as a Free zone company under the rules & regulation of DMCC, JLT, Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Ashraf Shaheen the owner of Bocadillo Café & Restaurant Brand is the major shares holder of Monda and it is managed by him and his Bocadillo’s skilled, professional and experienced team.

Our concept is based on providing unique menu of high quality food with value for money in a friendly and charming atmosphere. Our vision is to build on our position as one of the market leaders in restaurant and catering as well as the management of very successful F & B units in Middle East.

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