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About Us

Land Motors FZCO is a world leader company in the export sector all kinds of cars & commercial vehicles and auto spare parts .

Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Cars & Vehicles :
Land Motors FZCO offer SUV 4X4 , Saloon , Passenger cars, pick-ups, Sports cars , as well Buses, Microbuses ,Trucks , and multi-use vehicles.

Land Motors FZCO Provides the best ideal options from the most prominent automotive and vehicle brands.
(Toyota , Lexus, Nissan , Mitsubishi , Infiniti , Mercedes Benz , BMW, Land Rover, Hyundai, Honda , Mazda, Suzuki, Renault) Right hand steering or left hand steering diesel or petrol, manual or automatic .

Auto Spare parts & components :
Land Motors FZCO provides its customers with certified original spare parts at perfect prices and with high quality.

Accessories :
Land Motors FZCO provide our customers with a variety of specialized high-quality auto accessories that are adjustable according to the required specifications and safety and security requirements

Shipping & logistics :
Land Motors FZCO provide our customers with comprehensive and integrated logistical services ( Land , Sea , Air) for all airports and international ports through major global shipping and shipping companies.


Land Motors UAE is a world leader in the export of vehicles to Africa, Europe and Asia specializing in development and implementation of vehicle procurement, export management, and customer service technology and We offer All kind of commercial and light vehicles from Toyota, Nissan, Honda , Hyundai ,Mitsubishi and etc.

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