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PHASE ONE - NEEDS ANALYSIS - As a new client of ours, we begin the process with a meeting to discuss what you have now and what needs to change in your proposed space. Inefficiencies, wear and tear, colour schemes and work habits are revealed. A general mind map with an exchange of views, new ideas and solutions are proposed, and your detailed wish list is documented. Budgets need to be considered and the scope of what you need from us.

We plot your space for the first time in this phase as we will generally do this several times as we establish plans and agree the project scope.

PHASE TWO - FLOOR PLANS - Our designers believe, traffic flow rules. Cabinetry placement is a distant second to traffic flow. Designing appropriate traffic flow considers the openings in the room, a family's lifestyle, the number of people typically in the home.

Then we come to function, with flow for cooking, entertaining, your critical dining area needs and other activities which take place in the kitchen as core to your lifestyle. We raise this awareness early on with our clients to understand their personal sense of space and what works for them. Traffic flow is not an after thought it comes first and if you take nothing else away from our meeting and use someone else it should still be priority number one for you also.

PHASE THREE - MATERIAL SELECTION - The plan is chosen, elevations can be formalised and we will begin to consider decorative detailing. Interior cabinet options, exterior molding details and ornamentation, including color and texture, will define this phase. Each layer of detailing enhances the previous layer and sets the tone for what is to come. We will need to consider what plans or themes you may for surrounding rooms and space so we create some flow and sense to the overall floor. Details are important and we will want to ensure we have every aspect signed off.

PHASE FOUR - SCOPE OF WORK AND PROJECT TIMELINES - Being in the UAE we have a couple of additional options to consider at this point. Do we want imported or local cabinetry and appliances. There are cost implications but existing trade offs against warranties, choice and sometimes quality. It is important to note that the time for imported kitchens is 8 weeks for delivery and installation.

Tiles and worktops are always locally sourced.

At this time, we will present to you the cost of your renovation, installation, cabinetry, including other materials, and review all that is included in the cost. You may wish to source your own products which is fine but we will need to be included in the process to ensure we get continuity and fit.

We strongly believe our clients are happiest when they have control over the cost of their materials. We work hard via an extensive plan review and patient product research to provide cost options for you where appropriate and/or where requested.

Following this meeting, a 60% deposit is placed on the order, you receive your complete set of working drawings, our purchase agreement, and a separate, highly detailed listing of cabinetry specifications, and the order is immediately submitted to the factory.

At the appropriate time, we will produce a developer NOC and a comprenhensive separate electrical/mechanical plan, should you need one. This plan encompasses locations and precise dimensions for lighting, switches, appliance locations and notes on same.

PHASE FIVE - INSTALLATION - We will have our people on site throughout the work to ensure we solve any hither to unseen issues and discuss your concerns should you have any, as we build your design. On arrival of Cabinetry to site we will require an interim payment of 20% with balance payable on final approval.

FINAL PHASE - COMPLETION AND COMMISSIONING - On completion and final handover we will check snagging and ensure all fixtures and appliances are operational as per specification and hand over your kitchen to you. Final Payment should be within 7 Days of agreed handover date. Our craftsmen will be at your service to sort out any issues, ensuring compliance to all and any warranties on work and product performance.

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