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About Us

one iD, endless possibilities

At iD1, we see a future with just one id - you. No more confusing multiple ids for passports, government id cards, bank accounts, social services, licenses, credit cards, door entry cards, and all the other cards which clutter up our wallets and our lives.

Multiple id services are gradually combining onto a single card. But most businesses are unaware of how id management can positively impact their services.


Imagine international borders that can be crossed with a blink of an eye; or school buses that inform parents and teachers instantly if a child has not boarded or disembarked; or perhaps a club with facilities all over world that any member can access at anytime, without a card. The possibilities are endless.

We focus on:

- Airport Solutions for eGates and Automated Border Control

- Security & Access Control

- Information Technology, Security, Consultancy,

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