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About Us


To emerge as a world class management consulting, education and event management services institution offering value additions in all services segment thereby becoming the first choice of the business world, in their selection of professional advisors.


To partner our clients consistently in the search for new dimensions to recruitment and management consultancy maintaining a high degree of integrity professionalism and independence.

In the current era of digitalization, the Business Management Process involves amplifying human efforts and imagination to solve dilemmas, turn problems into opportunities and finding innovative ways to reconcile apparent opposites viz.,

Mass Appeal Vs Customization

Quality Vs Price

Speed Vs Safety

In addition, customer is no longer a faceless number that bubbles between the layers of their organizations.

The Conduct of business in the borderless global economy requires

To adapt quickly to changing market conditions.

Flexibility to sustain changing needs.

Lean to beat competitive prices

Innovative to keep products technologically fresh.

To explore the new norms of business and comfortably ensconce itself in a prime position of power, every organization as a matter of policy requires certain fixed assets.

Exceptional skill sets to make flat-footed decisions.

New vistas of value addition and collective wisdom.


IMS offers to partner your search towards hi value solutions..

"Seek those distant horizons and cherish those you attain"

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