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About Us

iCareDubai.net is a one stop shop for all your gadget needs. We have software and hardware solutions for any of your needs. We have software’s for I phones, Blackberry and all other phones, which will turn your Smartphone investment to a more intelligent gadget. Wi-Fi hotspots to child protection software. You ask for it, and we provide you with a solution. And if you are planning to buy a new phone or a computer, our experts can provide you with the Cons and Pros of all the models available out there, and we also source the products for you, so that you get an exciting price and a genuine product.

We can also offer technical consulting for all your gadget needs, and we will also provide solutions so that you are able to use your newly brought gadget to its full potential.

We offer pickup and drop off services, and if you need an urgent response, we have a two day express service option.

To keep it short, we are here to help you spend your leisure time on the things that are more important to you, and let us worry about your gadget problems.


iCare Dubai offers a wide variety of services that can be customized to meet your needs. We offer our customers the best value in computer/mobile phone upgrade and repair. In addition to fixing and upgrading personal computers and mobile phones, we also offer on-site, virtual desktop, and phone support for small businesses.

At iCare your convenience is our target; we make in-house visits or, if needed, we will come to you and pick up your computer to bring back to our facility for repairs. We stand behind every computer/cell phones that we service with a 30 day warranty on all services and a 90 day warranty on all parts. Our goal is to fix your computer/cell phone right the first time, saving you time and money.

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