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About Us

The Hope Centre is committed to continuous improvement of provision that is inclusive, specialized, individualized and flexible in its approach. The aim is to build capacity of all early childhood provisions up to a level where self sufficiency and motivation for vocational interest can exist. All this within a friendly environment, with support for all children and young people with high functioning Autism and Downs Syndrome to be the best they can in all aspects of their learning and development.

The Hope Centre values and supports collaborative partnerships with government and community partners that foster mutual learning, shared expertise and cohesive service provision. In this way education delivered in a safe and supportive environment will serve as a gateway to improved community participation.

The Hope Centre is a private therapy and education centre offering collaborative services for special needs children. As one of Al Ain's oldest centres for special needs, it caters to children with various mental, physical and learning disabilities, and is run by trained professionals. The centre has a team of dedicated and experienced speech and occupational therapists, and special educators who attend to the needs of Autistic, Down ’s syndrome, ADD, ADHD and the learning impaired. Special attention is also paid to individual cases such as children with Cerebral Palsy.

The Hope Centre experience is designed to recognize and enhance each students' potential. For over a decade, it has supported children with special needs as part of a good will gesture to aid families coping with special needs children. To date, it has remained a sustainable operation in its goal of improving the lives of special children requiring special care.

Hope Centre was founded in 2001, as the need arose for specialized education programs that could be successful for students, cost effective, a passion & pride for the AJ Group to administer. With these guidelines in mind we set about designing our programs. The result is the addition of this soft dimension to the Al Ain Juniors Group of Schools. Since the beginning of Hope Centre to the present day, the Group's mission and the unique instructional model has never wavered. Building on our success with the most difficult-to-educate students, AJ Group currently provides services to thousands of children, in 5 Institutions, including the Hope Centre for Special Needs in Al Ain, UAE

Our aim is to develop, guide & nurture every individual's potential, to become a full and equally valued member of society.

Our vision is to provide individualised education that addresses students' physical, mental, social and emotional needs, in their unique learning styles, that will lay a foundation for a good and useful life.


The Hope Centre is committed to continuous improvement of provision that is inclusive, specialized, individualized and flexible in its approach.

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