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About Us

The Mosaic Gallery Group

Mosaic Gallery is a well-established fast growing international company based in Dubai with a progressive and dynamic outlook. The Group’s principal areas of business interests include Trading (local & international), Facilities Management, General Maintenance, Art logistics, Art Display Systems, Framing Division, Real Estate Development (India) and Real Estate Services. Integrity and commitment in all aspects of business are the core values of the organizations. Our team has decades of business experience that provide us with a solid foundation to succeed in all aspects of our business.


Homeworks General Maintenance

Homeworks was established to cater to the growing need of quality maintenance service in Dubai. With over 8 years of handling Freehold properties we are highly knowledgeable of all aspects of all communities of Dubai. We have come to realize that in providing excellent and efficient maintenance we can dramatically increases the value of the property. In this regard we have procured a reputation of ensuring making the landlords ‘look good’ to their prospective clients.

Homeworks strives to be technologically advanced in all aspects of it business. We ensure timely completion of projects, within budget guidelines and with minimal inconvenience and disturbance to our customers.

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