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About Us

The Green Healthy Village Group and its partners are focused on providing excellent quality organic and natural products. All the foods, herbs, soft drinks, and supplements are prepared from untouched resources, oldest and most reputable brands all over the world.
Most of our providers are successors of farmers and producers who have been working in organic food industry for decades. Our Providers are drawn from a professional golden background and as educated experts support our village through combining experience with new knowledge on food sources to serve as Your Fulfilment Partner!.
Our products are provided to you by:
• Excellent farms
• Decades of valuable experience from generations of organic farmers
• Modern science, technical knowledge, and new technologies in the field of agricultural production and processing.
Additionally, they
are certified by and meet the standards of international organizations and authorities.
All the products on this website are available in the US, Canada, and Europe as well, and we see it as our duty to make them available in the Middle East as your fulfilment partner.

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