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About Us

GEOTECH 3D is one of the most in demand Dubai based engineering firm highly specialized in 3D Laser Scanning, 3D Surveying, Land Surveying, Scan To BIM Services and Aerial UAV Survey services. Our engineers have been providing solutions to a variety of industries for over years. Applications for 3D Laser Scanning include: Marine & Offshore; Petrochemical; Mining & Tunnels; Construction, Architecture, & Surveying Historical Preservation.

We are Professional in Indoor Mapping , 3D Laser Scanning, Aerial & Land Surveying.


GEOTECH 3D is employing the subsequent services:

- 3D Scanning and 3D modeling from Point Cloud

- Aerial Survey Using UAV Technology

- Land Surveying Using GPS Systems

- Panoramic Imaging Using 360 Imaging system

- SCAN To BIM using indoor mobile mapping system

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