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About Us

eMBASSy Financial Solutions was established by a team of experienced Professional Accountants to help small and medium businesses increase profits and boost productivity by helping them save time and money. We aim to give small businesses high quality of accounting and customer services at a price they can afford.

Our team is composed of young and dynamic Professional Accountants with more than ten years of extensive accounting experience with various industry sectors in the Philippines and UAE. Our specialties include bookkeeping, payroll processing, Preparation of Financial Statements, Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting, Preparation of Budget and Forecast, and Cash Flow Management.

We offer fast, efficient and cost-effective accounting services for all types of businesses, providing the business owners feasible financial information that can guide them in making sound management decisions.


Our Services

 Set-Up of Business Accounting Systems and Internal Controls

 Set-Up of Accounting Books

 Creation of Chart of Accounts

 Design Internal Controls that will prevent or detect fraud

 Evaluation and Implementation of Internal Controls

 Bookkeeping

 Bank Reconciliation

 Accounts Receivable Management

 Accounts Payable Management

 Recording of all your financial transactions

 Cash Flow Monitoring

 Monthly closing of General Ledger

 Financial Accounting Services

 Preparation of Balance Sheet

 Preparation of Income Statement

 Cash Flow Overview

 Preparation of Financial Statements Schedules

 Payroll Processing in compliance with the UAE labor law

 Encoding of timesheets

 Processing of payroll through Wage Protection System (WPS)

 Preparation and Issuance of Employees’ Pay Slips

 Calculation of Employees’ benefits

 Calculation of Employees’ End of Service (EOS)

 Maintaining the Employees’ 201 File

 Audit Preparation

 Preparation of Audit Schedules

 We will work closely with your auditors to ensure smooth completion and compliance

 Management Accounting Services

 Budgeting and Forecasting

 Financial Statement and Variance Analysis

 Other Services

 Assistance in Letter of Credit (LC) transactions and securing bank facilities

 Training Client’s personnel in using chosen Accounting Software

 Training Client’s personnel in using Microsoft Excel (Advanced Level)

Our Commitment to your Business

 We will help you reduce overhead cost – By outsourcing your accounting workload to us, you can save on overhead cost like recruitment fees, visa cost, airfare tickets, office space, salaries and other benefits.

 We offer you fixed fee – We don’t charge by the hour. Our Accounting fees are fixed and agreed in advance. No hidden charges, and no additional charges unless approved by you.

 We will give you peace of mind – Your business will be looked after by a team of experienced professionals. You don’t have to worry about your accounting workload.

 We will give you more time and energy for your business – We will take care of your business’ accounting needs, so you can concentrate on running and building your business.

 We are always available – We don’t take vacation/holidays leave or sick days. We are available 365 days a year, giving you confidence that your team is always standing behind you.

 We are just an e-mail and phone call away – When you have questions, you are always free to contact us. No additional charges for any e-mails, phone calls or face to face meetings.

 We will give you quality services that you deserve – We believe that your business, no matter what the size is, deserves quality accounting services. We will take care of your business as if it is our own.

eMBASSy Financial Solutions will not just be doing your numbers, we will be an integral part of your business helping you to succeed.

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