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About Us

EBTEC was strategically established to meet the needs of the market, and we are developing and extending steadily in order to best serve our customers and perform work throughout the entire UAE and other Middle East countries as well.

We have the necessary personnel, equipment, expertise and financial wherewithal to handle a broad range of projects and to assure uniform finishing to the highest quality standards.

The majority of all major components, on every project we are involved in, are performed by EBTEC LLC’s members.

We understand the importance of meeting the customers’ needs so that we can assist them in achieving their business plans; that's why we are committed to completing every project on time and within budget. At the same time we work together with owners and engineers to achieve the highest level of quality.

Our company is committed to surpassing the expectations of our clients by developing relationships through integrity, professionalism, and service which yields the quality of works up to satisfaction.


Our success has come from the use of advanced machinery, superior services and flexible management style with long term vision. And our skilled labors and very well experience engineer are part of this success.

Safety is a primary concern for us, we perform regular staff training and networks with others to insure safe working conditions are being maintained. At EBTEC Technical contracting company we are always improving by all means.

Repeat client business is our main concern; therefore, EBTEC’s commitment to our client does not end with the completion of the work.

We strive through our quality control program to minimize warranty needs. However, when warranty issues arise, we have a full-time warranty service staff to provide a timely response and follow-up to our clients needs to minimize inconveniences.

With EBTEC Technical Contracting Company LLC, your search for best solution and quality is finally over. With our years of field experience, we assure you that your requirements will be met with professionalism and real know-how.

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