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About Us

With over 30 years of delivering the most successful business events, DWTC remains the largest gateway to accelerate trade with

the region.


Our vision is to make Dubai the world’s leading destination for all major exhibitions, conferences and events.


* To deliver 'Destination Dubai' for the region, by providing a world-class business networking platform with integrated end-to-end services.

* To enhance the customer experience at all our venues by continually innovating the mix and creating ‘the’ global calendar of events.

* To provide our clients with state-of-the-art real estate solutions, offering sophisticated and seamless business enabling infrastructure within a dynamic environment.

* To inspire our employees with progressive career options and rewarding opportunities.

What we've achieved:

Established in 1979 as the anchor high rise on what is recognised today as Dubai’s dazzling skyscraper corridor, the Dubai World Trade Centre has and continues to play a crucial role in promoting trade with the wider region and opening doors for business opportunities with the world. From our landmark 39-storey Trade Centre Tower, to creating the region’s largest purpose-built complex for events and exhibitions, our innovative new networking platforms have helped regional and global markets to grow.

We’re proud to have been involved in Dubai’s meteoric rise to a leading global economic powerhouse alongside Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York.


Excite, Engage, Explore at the hearth of the Middle East.

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