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About Us

The key objective of Dalma Capital is to deliver excellence through research and constant refinement. We believe that delivering excellence to our clients requires us to always seek to exceed their expectations and improve the way we serve them. Our goal to constantly improve ourselves is achieved through innovation, understanding that past mistakes are valuable lessons and the belief that contrarian thinking should be constructive.

Evidence of our demand for excellence can be seen from the history of the company. Founded in 2011 in the USA, Dalma Capital launched its core investment fund (now known as the Dalma Unified Return Fund) in August 2012 after conducting four years of university backed research focused on the post-crisis market along with forty-seven years of model backtesting.

The Dalma team is headquartered and operates in the DIFC but the company has representatives in the EU, US and UK.


Dalma Capital Management Ltd is regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA Ref. F002345) and was incorporated in the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC Reg. 1432) in 2013.

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