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About Us

Bilal General Transport is strategically located in the UAE, offering unparalleled services to its clients on a continuous basis. BGT has mluti-faceted workshops handled by trained technicians who carry out repairs and regular maintenance of all vehicles from day to day basis. These workshops also houses administrative offices handled by quality supervisors and managers who manage everyday operations to meet all designated requirements. Apart from the main administration offices and workshops, BGT has on-site coordination centres that provide progressive service and dedicated support to all on-going projects at each designated location.


Bilal General Transport (BGT) over a decade has been recognized as one of the leading construction and development service provider in the UAE serving many regional and international companies. BGT offers speciliazed services ranging from transportation and supply of construction materials like rocks, sand aggregate and cement; to supply of construction equipment for excavation, levelling, temp road construction and maintenance of stock piles, quarry management, loading and off-loading of marine vessels on site.

Abu Dhabi Office:

Tel: +971 2 5529908

Fax: +971 2 5529947

PO Box 110403

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