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About Us

Baker & Spice started as a concept in London in 1995 by Yael Mejia. It was set up as an artisan food shop making everything in their kitchens.

Yael went to market everyday and shopped seasonally, while a team of 25 dedicated bakers and chefs proceeded to turn these wonderful ingredients into lavishly presented sensational food.

Yael and her team deconstructed classic recipes and put them together again in their purest form sans the frills and excesses of modern cooking. No short cuts, no rounding off corners.

The dedication to quality coupled with a unique style of presenting the food made the tiny establishment an iconic food shop in London.

The B&S spirit arrived in the UAE, when Baker & Spice Dubai opened in January 2009. Located in the Souk Al Bahar, it is a large dining and retail space, including a terrace overlooking the Dubai Fountain at the base of the Burj Khalifa. The restaurant can seat 150 diners and offers a breakfast, lunch, dinner and retail menu.

Since the launch of the first shop in London, B&S has operated as an ethical business – long before the term was coined – and been committed to supporting local and organic farmers. The philosophy remains active, alive and well in Dubai, as the team strives to source locally – always seeking to minimize our carbon footprint. We have made a conscious decision to work with what is grown here rather than hanker for European, American or Australian fresh produce, which is flown to the UAE on a daily basis. We have discovered that the region, which has spawned the first human settlements and agriculture, offers an infinite variety and excitement and lots of locally grown surprises.


Baker & Spice Dubai have set a new standard for ethical delicious food in Dubai. Our European heritage has been adapted to the Middle East to create a unique version of local soul food.

The heart of Baker & Spice is in the kitchen. The local markets dictate and we willingly follow on a daily adventure.

Our philosophy – local, organic, fresh and homemade – is a benchmark for excellence. The menu represents an exciting daily journey through the farms and markets of the UAE and the region, constantly changing with the seasons and availability of fresh locally grown and mainly organic ingredients. We offer diners an expeience with food in its purest and freshest form.

The familiar in a modern light.

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