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About Us

As a large and well established company in the Middle East, AMASCO enjoys a world class reputation for its standard of workmanship and reliability.

The company was established in 1987, principally to perform the repair and maintenance work required on the many vessels passing through the busy shipping lanes of the Gulf region. Since then it has grown into a strong and diverse force in the worldwide shipping and maritime industry. AMASCO has been providing their patrons with an exceptional portfolio of products and support services.

Over the years, AMASCO has served an impressive client base consisting of most of the major international shipping companies. As a natural progression, the company has become increasingly involved in the Oil, Gas and Industrial Sectors. With the recent accredition of “ASME” & “NB” Certification, AMASCO can now fabricate or repair Non-Fired Pressure Vessels and Pressure Piping to their standards. The Stamps and Certification acquired are “U”, “PP”, “R”, “S” & “NB”.

The company currently employs more than 500 skilled and semi-skilled personnel. The team of experienced and qualified personnel handle the operations with excellence and commitment.


AMASCO is now engaged in the construction of various types of coastal, harbor, inland crafts and vessels. With our present capacity we can quite easily reach an output of two vessels per year. Since we use our quayside heavy fabrication yard to undertake our new buildings it gives us a tremendous amount of flexibility to construct vessels in a limited time period. The quayside yard has well equipped dry & wet berths serviced by cranes and large fabrication areas serviced by gantry cranes and mobile cranes.

The first project to undertake in this yard is a 23.4m Coastal Tug Boat which will be delivered in 2009.

The various types of vessels which can be constructed by us are as follows:

Tug Boats

Supply Vessels

Cargo Barges

Multipurpose Work Barges

Landing crafts

Jetties & Pontoons

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