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We provide legal certified and normal translation of all ‎documents
Legal: ‎
Legal Cases, Defenses, Court Papers, Briefs, Reply Briefs, ‎Complaints, Case Briefs, Court Orders (Awards), Appeal, ‎Fist Instance, Cassation, Federal & Local Laws, Cabinet ‎Resolutions, Emiri Decrees, Ministerial Resolutions, Draft ‎Laws, Contracts, Agreements, Testimonies, Certificates, ‎POA's, General & Special POA's, Declarations, Affidavits, ‎Acknowledgments, Undertakings, Waivers (Assignments), ‎Notices, Notarial Documents, Expertise Reports, Settlement ‎Agreements, Executive Bylaws, Internal Regulations, ‎Circulations, Arbitration Awards, Notice For Appearance, ‎Notice for Hearing Appointment, Notice for Payment in ‎Executive Case, Notice of Breach & Termination;‎

Business: ‎
Quotations, Purchase Orders, LPO's, Tenders & Bids, MOA ‎& AOA, Partnership Agreements, Work Order, MOU, Invoice, ‎Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Delivery Note, Letter of ‎Intent, Award Letter, Completion Cert., Subcontract ‎Agreements, BOQ, Proforma Invoice, Bills, Minutes of ‎Meting, Board Resolution, Supply Contract, Civil Defense ‎Forms, Municipality Forms, Chamber Of Commerce ‎Documents, Economic Dept. Papers, Commercial License, ‎Professional License, Industrial License, Tourism License, ‎Commercial Agency Agreement, Sponsorship Agreement, ‎Customs Documents, Inspection Report, Speculation ‎Contract, Membership Cert., Musataha Agreement, ‎Murabaha Agreement;‎

Human Resources: ‎
Appointment Letter, Employment Offer, Employment ‎Contract, Termination Letter, Resignation, Final Settlement, ‎Leave Forms, Time Sheet, Salary Cert., Experience Cert., ‎Warnings & Notices, Experience;‎

Lease Contract, Sale & Purchase Agreement, House Sale ‎Contract, Land Transfer Ownership, Land Sale Deed;‎

Medical: ‎
Medical reports, Forensic Medicine Report, Prescription, ‎Sick Leave Cert.‎

Economic & Financial: ‎
Financial Statements & Auditor's Reports, Annual Reports, ‎Promissory Note, Bank Guarantee, Banking Facilities ‎Agreement & Application, Loan Agreement & Application, ‎Term Loan, Pledge Deed, Mortgage Agreement,‎

Advertising manuals & brochures, company profile

Literary: ‎
Literary essays, criticism, poetry issues, short stories

Maritime: ‎
PFSP, PFSA, Maritime Passport, Reg. Cert., Safety ‎Management Cert.‎

Educational: ‎
Transcript, Graduation Certificate, Provisional Certificate, ‎Pass Statement, Equivalence Cert.;‎

Technical: ‎
Technical papers, catalogues, equipment, how-to-use, ‎technical explanation

Environment: ‎
Environmental Impact Assessment & Monitor Program, ‎Environmental Permit

General: ‎
Last Will, birth, marriage, divorce & death certificates, ‎criminal record, analysis reports, advertising materials, ‎mechanical and industrial manual and catalogues poetical ‎and theatrical articles from English and some poems of ‎greatest poets to Arabic, web & internet documents, emails, ‎bank statement of account, loan agreements, loan ‎applications, banking facilities documents, vehicle loans,,, ‎etc.‎


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Al Majd for Legal Translation in Ras Al Khaimah will ‎help you leap briskly and easily over language ‎barriers and will do its best to transfer your message, ‎meanings and significance in your texts and ‎documents through providing high quality and ‎professional translation that you can trust, rely on and ‎submit to any official and governmental authorities or ‎departments. Our office will not spare any effort to ‎help companies and businessmen to render their ‎messages and advertising materials to the Arab and ‎non-Arab community in a language attractive to their ‎audience giving more power and persuasion to words ‎and texts causing flow and attraction to their services ‎and increase their work revenues.‎

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