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About Us

Bearing 12 years of valuable experience in technical and manufacturing of various Decorative Glass & Mirror processes in Oman, Al Rawaa introduced its independent Decorative Glass & Mirror manufacturing unit in Sharjah UAE in the year 1992.

In 2006, Al Rawaa introduced a new plant in Ajman with state of the art tempering and double galzing line along with a complete new aluminium fabrication unit as"Al Rawaa Glass & Aluminium Industry LLC".

Since then Al Rawaa expanded its range of products, services & activities in many specialized areas in connection with Building, Architectural and Interior Decorative fields.

Al Rawaa has responded to ever developing need of glass. In the past 10 years of business, we have been providing our customers with glass related products on the leading edge. Our studio's vast experience in facets of decorative glass complements the diverse application of glass to the needs of our Builders, Architects and Interior Designers. Al Rawaa encourages input from concept through installation to ensure that the superior quality is maintained. In addition to all this at an incredible, achievable price.

On the basis of the above and keeping pace with the technological development a State of the Art computer controlled machinery and technically qualified team of staff, Al Rawaa keeps introducing innovative, unique Decorative Glass & Mirrors.


Journey through our site and discover who we are and what we offer. Contact us and talk to us. Our belief is that homes are places that reflect who you are. Places in which you surround yourself with family, memories, treasures and laughter. Places of beauty.

Al Rawaa is in the business of creating beauty. We serve you with a product and an experience of allowing you to look through the windows and glass of your surroundings and see beauty made real in color and design. Our patterns represent blueprints of history, culture and modern design. We hope to serve you here and in your home, office or place of worship with an expression of beauty.

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