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About Us

Al Laith Group Is a professional Transport firm established in the year 1993, a full service transportation company serving all the seven Emirates we are located in Dubai, back side of Makhtoom Hospital. The Al Laith Group offers a comprehensive choice of commercial Vehicles and even limousines to satisfy every customer. Since leasing of vehicles is the best way to go and most of the corporate do not have time to concentrate in this field rather than focusing their efforts in achieving their goals and targets, it is virtual that each company should find their transport solutions at the right price and conditions.

24x7 Assistance +971 55 720 8844


Services -

1. Airport Arrival

2. Transportation for exhibition

3. Transportation for events

4. City Tours

5. Shopping tours

6. Beach Tours

7. Desert Tours

8. Staff Transportation

9. Hotel and guest Transportation

10. School Transportation

11. Limo Tours

12. Luxury Car for wedding

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