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About Us

Al Ahram Investment was founded in 2016 and the founder is Mr. Mahmoud Raya who had a long history of professionally handling clients from industries to help them smoothen their operations.
Previously, Al Ahram Investment only ever focused on translation services then slowly it expanded its scope to notary services such as POA, PRO, Visa, attestation, document clearance and digital marketing services.
Al Ahram Investment has been expanding its business and its operations as they are now partnering with Damac for real estate and mortgage service. Furthermore, Al Ahram Investment has recently partnered with International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) to help businesses easily set up their business in the free zone and its various applications.


Hello, we are Al Ahram Investment and we are here to help with streamlining your business operations!
You must feel it is such a long and tedious matter to handle all the Public Relation Officer (PRO), Power of Attorney (POA), visa services, document clearance, attestation, applying for your visa, setting up your business, digital marketing, and renewing your trade license.
We at Al Ahram Investment know how long the process is and how you have more important matters to focus on, so we are here to help you.

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