Health and Medical in Marina Village, Abu Dhabi

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  • Dr Rabih Maatouk

    • Dr. Rabih Maatouk is a consultant plastic surgeon, reconstructive surgeon, and maxillofacial surgeon with a subspeciality in hand surgery. He is a Lebanese-Germ...
    • Villa B20, Harley Street Medical Center,
      Marina Village, Abu Dhabi
  • Amaryllis Polyclinic

    • AMARYLLIS Polyclinic is a luxurious clinic that provides plastic surgery, laser service, Botox, fillers, laser hair removal, fraxel laser, prp, meso,etc...
    • Villa A05,
      Marina Village, Abu Dhabi
  • Dr. Paulo Michels - Plastic Surgery

    • Dr. Paulo is an experienced and skilled plastic surgeon in Abu Dhabi. He is a thorough professional who always make it a point to satisfy his patients by trying...
    • Villa A05, Amaryllis Polyclinic, Amaryllis Polyclinic
      Marina Village, Abu Dhabi
  • Harley Street Medical Centre - HSMC

    • Harley Street Medical Centre provides a healthcare facility which is brand new and unique to Abu Dhabi, with a name already recognised as a powerful, world-wide...
    • PO Box 41475, Villa A 20 - 22,
      Marina Village, Abu Dhabi