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About Us

At BMW Janu Repair Workshop, Sharjah, it is our philosophy to maintain each car as if it were our own. This practice has proven to be the number one reason why our customers continue to enjoy their BMW whether it’s a 1994 E36 or a 2009 M3. Our service rates are also 25% less than most dealers in the area. This has allowed our customers to enjoy incredible service at affordable prices. Stop in for an oil change or to see why that “Check Engine” light is on, no appointment needed!


Our services:

Complete Computer Diagnostics

Complete Safety Analysis

Drivability Problems

Tune - ups

Oil Changes

Brake repair specialist

Mufflers and exhaust systems

Steering and Suspensions

ECU remapping

ECU coding

ECU programming

4 wheel laser alignment

Air conditioning servicing & re-charging

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