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It has become one of the most scenic sites in the UAE, based on the directions of H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, for turning the area into a tourist site and making use of its 10 water wells which are as deep as 320-600 ft. below the land surface, and can prodoce 25,000 gallons per hour. Water desalination level ranges between 1700 and 6,000 ppm. So, it was used for the irrigation of farms and cultivation of palm trees and green grasses with a view to turn this abandoned area into a spectacular tourist destination that is daily visited by hundreds of people from all over the UAE and neighboring countries.


Al Ain Municipality has carried outs several tourist and agricultural projects, including an island for well water, roads, umbrellas, seats, parking, rests, and separate swimming pools for men and women. In the middle of the island, which is enclosed with a lovely corniche, there is one of the highest fountains in the Middle East, reaching 80 m of height. Visitors can also ride boats in the island. Based on Zayed's directions, mountains were landscaped and an open kid garden was established in Mabraza area. So, the resort is an icon of beauty and excellence.

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