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About Us

Jean Galler was born into a luxury dessert environment. He liked working in the family con¬fectioner’s shop founded by his grandfather in 1930 and he has kept this passion since then.

At 16 years old, inspired by chocolate, he experiments this living material that fascinates him. To develop his knowledge and discover new savours, he studied in Basel (Switzerland), then with Gaston Lenôtre in Paris.

At 21 years old, he launched his own enterprise. 30 years later, the foundations of the company remain the same :

passion for chocolate ; pride in perfection;constant creativity.

Today, the team of more than 100 employees design, produce and market pralines, ice-creams, chocolate pâtisseries, filled chocolate bars, as well as chocolate tablets, Cat’s tongues (cartoon cats moulded from chocolate), spreads, bite-sized chocolates,…

After having built up its reputation in its region, Galler is now found throughout the Belgian market in more than 2,000 sales outlets. Galler owns currently a network of stores in Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Japan, the Lebanon, the United States, United Arab Emirates, England...

Frequently our company has been honoured with official recognitions. The most prestigious is undeniably the appointment as « Belgian Royal Warrant Holder », awarded in 1994. In 2002, Galler receives the « Innovation Prize » for the concept of “CHOCOLAT-THE©” at the Fran¬chise Fair of Brussels.


Since 1976 Galler chocolate bars have been delighting chocolate-lovers.

23 bars made from noble and natural ingredients only: the signature of Jean Galler. With fresh pistachio nuts, hazelnuts or even pure, natural vanilla, each Galler bar is a unique gourmet product that combines both depth of flavour and delicacy.

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