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About Us

Ruby Salon is an integrative medical spa. Although our specialization is in advanced skin care solutions and anti-aging treatments, we also offer a wide range of whole-body spa and health treatments. Our approach to all of our services is a holistic one, by merging the latest scientific advances of Western medicine with the Eastern traditional approach to healing the whole person. We consider that a relaxed state of mind is vital to one’s ability to heal, which is why we have integrated our full range of services into a spa setting.

To understand our methodology, it is important to recognize that skin is the largest organ in our body. As such, our skin tells many stories about us, our age, our lifestyle and our overall health. Our approach is a proactive one, which on one hand offers state-of-the-art medical procedures to remedy the surface damage evidenced by the skin, while also offering supplementary procedures which treat the systemic weaknesses and imbalances of the body as a whole. In this manner, we are able to offer solutions which not only lessen the visible signs of “wear and tear”, but also help to reduce the rate of biological aging.


Ruby Salon is an organic salon and spa providing salon services and spa services including hair color, hair products, facials, waxing, skin beautifying treatment, jewelry and more. At Salon Bravo Day Spa, while being pampered and relaxed, you receive cutting-edge, customized services and products to improve the appearance of your body and skin NATURALLY

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